Offshore PCBs

A UK business with a global advantage, Wrekin Circuits International Ltd offers you the benefits of low-cost, offshore PCB manufacture while taking away the risk, by using proven suppliers and employing a rigorous quality-checking process that ensures standards are continuously maintained.

From receipt of CAD (computer-aided design) data through to shipment to your premises, we offer the total sourcing solution using the reliable and well-managed supply chain we have built and nurtured over the years.

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Quality and quantity

As PCB industry experts, we use our knowledge and experience to add value and achieve the right price, volume and quality at the right factory for your job.

We carefully select manufacturing facilities in China and work closely with them, from quotation request through to supply, to improve standards of manufacturing, packaging and delivery.

Wrekin Circuits Ltd

Thanks to a well-equipped facility and a dedicated, multi-skilled workforce, Wrekin Circuits Ltd has achieved a reputation for world-class printed circuit board manufacturing services for any type of PCB, with fast turnaround times.

For Wrekin Circuits International Ltd, working closely with our sister company means we can offer a seamless transition from prototype to cost-efficient, mid to high volume production of PCBs. And with a knowledgeable and experienced team of professionals all based in the UK, you have local support on technical issues conveniently at your disposal.

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A small company with big advantages

Unlike large manufacturers or global brokering companies, we understand small businesses and the details that are important to you. We provide a personal and reliable service, giving our customers the advantages of offshore PCB manufacture with the added reassurance of quality inspection and the support of full UK manufacturing. This attention to detail, in addition to outstanding customer service, is reflected in our fantastic levels of customer retention.

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